Why Am I Buying an Ann Arbor Home?

This may seem a basic, forehead slapping question. However, creating a list and writing out why you are buying a home has the ability to clarify for you, and your family, what it is that you are about to embark upon.

You could be buying a home for the basic need to shelter you and your family. Your purchase could also be the need for a specific school system, to be within a certain distance of work. Perhaps it is to be closer to family and friends. Maybe it’s to get away from the world. Or maybe, just maybe, you are buying a home for a second place to hang your hat during the year.

There are a variety of reasons why someone buys a home. What are your reasons? Be sure you know and are clear on the reasons why you are buying a home. Some of these reasons may be helpful to the folks helping you find and purchase your home. If your agent knows what are the important reasons for your search, they can help guide you to the home that best fits your needs.

Download your Dream House Checklist and begin to check off what you want, and what you need in an Ann Arbor home.

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