First Time Ann Arbor Home Buyers

Buying an Ann Arbor home can be a daunting process. Especially if you’ve never bought a home before, the task can seem nearly insurmountable.

Fortunately, many folks before you have taken up the task of purchasing a home, and have lived to tell the tale! While seemingly complex, the process of buying a home is rather straight forward. As an industry, we use lingo and make assumptions about the real estate knowledge of consumers. The good news, is that the assumptions and lingo can be broken down by a quality agent, and communicated to you in a fashion that makes sense.

Many first time Ann Arbor homebuyers express to me a need to understand what the first steps are of finding a home. So, in an attempt to create a one-stop resource for Ann Arbor home buyers, here is a list of steps, with links to further information on those specific steps.

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