Glossary of Real Estate Terms
Real estate can be confusing without having to learn a new language. On top of contract language, ha [more]
First Time Ann Arbor Home Buyers
Buying an Ann Arbor home can be a daunting process. Especially if you've never bought a home before, [more]
Contingencies in a purchase agreement. These are the clauses that allow a buyer to exercise their [more]
YAY! You've made it to closing! All of your contingencies have been satisfied to your liking. You [more]
Negotiations may be the least favorite part of most Ann Arbor home buyers. In general, we seem to sh [more]
Writing an Offer
You've found an Ann Arbor home that meets all of your needs, most of your wants, and it's still avai [more]
Touring Ann Arbor Homes
So you've found a few homes that look good on a screen. According the online profiles, these homes m [more]
Online Ann Arbor Home Search
Searching for your Ann Arbor home could not be any easier these days. With third party sites like Zi [more]
The Pre-Approval
You've talked with family and friends, perhaps even a real estate agent, and they all say the same t [more]
Inspection vs Appraisal
Do YOU know the difference between an inspection and an appraisal? Each are integral to the succe [more]
Just What is Title Insurance?
Title insurance:  What exactly is it, and why is it necessary? Let's break down what title i [more]
Choosing a Lender
If you are financing your purchase, getting a mortgage for your new home, then you will also need a [more]

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